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Meet Composer Stellan Sagvik

Swedish composer Stellan Sagvik is one of the most producing, style varied and rich in expression musicians of today. He has written more than 250 pieces sizing from solo flute to Grand Opera, five string quartets, three great symphonies, ten operas with duration from 10 to 220 minutes, several dance dramas, film music, incidental theatre music, hours of choir music, chamber pieces with and without vocal, electro aucustical tape pieces, all this in a very communicative style that awakens emotions, feelings, views and sensations. (From his teenage years remains about 100 songs in rock/pop style as well...)

An interview from 2010 in English you find here.
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Or visit Fandalism where you can find a lot of Stellan's music both with and without video.

Here you find some "videos" (= Sagvik music with pictures)

You can find his scores at Swedish MIC (The Swedish Music Information Center) and more information about Swedish composers from the Society of Swedish Composers´ home page FST

Stellan Sagvik is represented on several CDs released on

nosag records nosag records, Kontrapunkt and Phono Suecia.

From his home page you can read (at the moment only in Swedish) a whole lot more information, comments, view examples of scores and also listen to sound clips from his output in mp3 files.

There are also some sound files in mp3 format on the backside of this site.
(Listen, or buy your own copy of complete pieces for download from the audiolife service here below).

He is also active as a singer (1st Tenor), conductor, theatre musician (playing almost all western tradition instruments and some ethnical as well) and as an actor at theatre stage.
As a CD-company owner and CD producer he makes several recordings and releases every year with active musicians playing both classical and contemporary repertoar.

Check also Live365 Web Casting his music
in streaming mp3 format

AND from the service linked here below you can buy SPECIAL CDs, not available in any other shop: Concert recordings, rehearsals and specially made compilations and also downloads of single pieces or use them as ringtones. The listing will be updated and enlarged over time.

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Works by Stellan Sagvik:

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Musical Drama and Music for Dance
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Music with Organ

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